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Recent content by treishu

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    New "Cheap" Big Brake Alternative (Brembo+300mm discs)

    can't find them on ebay. just the megane/197 brackets
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    New "Cheap" Big Brake Alternative (Brembo+300mm discs)

    hey guys. i know it's an old topic but maybe someone is willing to send me a drawing of the brackets to fit the 406 brembo calipers. I can't seem to find them anywhere to buy. I tried e-mailing the guys that made them but they are not available anymore. Thanks guys. PS: hello from Romania
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    406 coupe brembo

    also interrested :)
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    172 Clio into an R5 GTT

    why did you give up the 172 project in favour of the 1,4 turbo?