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1.2 8v

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    Car won’t go into gear after new engine

    1.2 8v mk2, just put a new engine in, car now won’t go into gear. It will go into gear when the car is off but when running it just doesn’t want to go. are there different thicknesses of flywheels for the D7F 726 as we just used the one that came with the new engine assuming it would be the same
  2. C

    1.2 8v mk2 lost all power and won’t start

    Was driving along and the car just started dropping revs, pulled onto hard shoulder and can’t get car started again. Didn’t make any noises or show any warning lights, Still cranks fine and is trying to start but just isn’t wanting to fire up. fuel pump sounds like it still works, all electrics...
  3. L

    Clio 1.2 8v D7F-720 Coolant Change

    I'm hoping someone could give me a definitive guide on how to flush and change the coolant on the 1.2 8v D7F-720 engine, it's just had a new timing belt kit and head gasket so I want to flush it all through and put some renault d type coolant in, but really don't want to get any air locks and...