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1.6 16v

  1. S

    K4M project daily

    Hello everyone, new guy in the forum and to the clio scene coming from croatia. I own a ph1 clio k4m 1.6 16v dynamic, completley stock except oz superturismo 16" wheels that i got with the car when i bought it. The car looks stupid with stock suspension and those rims and also it is very soft...
  2. K

    Renault Clio RSi 1.6 16v Ph1 OEM+ Restoration

    After 2 years with my first car 1.2 8V ph2 clio, i decided it was time to upgrade. ( So i bought a ph1 clio RSi 1.6 16v pearl black , pretty rare here in Portugal, and this one specially because it's all stock. One day...
  3. J

    Clio Mk3 Front Hubs

    Hi Guys! Looking around on ebay for a used NSF hub for my 2010 Clio GT. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a differance between the hubs for the 1.6, 1.2 1.5dci ect as there is only one GT hub which is £65 + £15 postage compared to £25 for any of the others? Cheers!
  4. J

    Mk3 Common Problems

    Hi Guys, Going to look at a Clio MK3 GT on Friday and was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of things to look out for with them and any common faults there are? Cheers
  5. K

    Should i change water pump when changing timing belt ?

    Hi guys I have a Renault clio III 1.6 16v, it's way overdue for a timing belt change (at 130 000km/80 000miles now) I have purchased a new timing belt and tensioner, do I need to replace the water pump as well ? And is there anything else I need to purchase ? Any additional information will be...
  6. Barretted

    Does my 1.6 have VVT?

    Hey there guys, simple question here as I'm keen to find out if my 1.6 Clio Dynamique has Variable Valve Timing or not. My engine is the K4M 744 Variant in my Mk2 ('03 plate) 1.6 16V Clio Dynamique, out of the factory with 110BHP (Probably not anymore) & I was wondering if it was the 1.6 that...
  7. M

    My funny daily car

    Hi all, I'm posting from Argentina, and this is my unique and daily and multi-purpose car haha :grin: It's a 2007 Clio 2 1.6 16v Dynamique colour Green Abyss with 98.000km Mods: K&N 57i IK Port & polished TB Iridium Spark plugs Decat & sport catback Double-action rally shocks Competition...