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Renault Clio RSi 1.6 16v Ph1 OEM+ Restoration

  Clio MK2
After 2 years with my first car 1.2 8V ph2 clio, i decided it was time to upgrade.

So i bought a ph1 clio RSi 1.6 16v pearl black , pretty rare here in Portugal, and this one specially because it's all stock.

One day after purchasing it (Very dirty)









Altough the car is in excelent condition mechanically it really needs some TLC exterior and interior wise.

Plans for the exterior :
  • Completely detail the car, the bonnet might need paint
  • Restore headlights
  • Buy the missing wheel caps and maybe OZ F1 15''
  • Eibach sportline

Plans for the interior :
  • Restore steering wheel
  • Restore seats
  • Restore passenger airbag
  • Upgrade the radio and speakers
  Clio MK2
Replaced rear boot lock because someone tryed to open it :cautious:

Pretty easy job, was simple take the boot plastic off and then two bolts hold the lock.
The only down side is now the lock opens with different key

  Clio MK2
The original radio had a problem playing tapes, i know who plays tapes these days, i do lol

So bought a new (old) radio, but it was from a megane, so swapped the cassete system from one radio to another.

get_thumbnail (1).jpg
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  Clio MK2
Unfortunately the oem floor mats are worn out underneath, going to keep them because the top side is perfect and maybe one day i'll reuse them.

Meanwhile bought new floor mats made from the original color, blue. Will try to take photos on the weekend, meanwhile the old ones :



get_thumbnail (2).jpg
  Clio MK2
And to finish for today, bought a magnificent set of oem OZ F1, got them fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 195/50R15 , just waiting on the approval from portuguese road entity to put them on the car, i think they will look great :)

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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Great little project this, I've got a soft spot for the mk1 rsi and it extends to the mk2 now a wee bit. Keep up the good work