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172 ph2

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    Clio 172 Ph2 Cruise Control

    Looking for some help following retrofitting cruise control to an early phase 2 Clio 172 FF (02 plate) that's with a gearbox speed sensor. The retrofit all seems to work fine apart from neither the speed limiter or cruise control are smooth when enabled, seems to be jerking and lurching. The...
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    Cooksports/Eibach + Koni Yellow or B14 for trackday use only Clio RS2 172?

    Hi guys, Iam thinking about suspension upgrade on my Clio RS2 172 becouse I feel much body roll when pushing too hard on track and tires are worn at outter side. Track driving only hobby, trying to self improve, trackdays 4-5 days per year (around 1200km/year track). Public roads only becouse...