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Cooksports/Eibach + Koni Yellow or B14 for trackday use only Clio RS2 172?

Hi guys, Iam thinking about suspension upgrade on my Clio RS2 172 becouse I feel much body roll when pushing too hard on track and tires are worn at outter side.
Track driving only hobby, trying to self improve, trackdays 4-5 days per year (around 1200km/year track). Public roads only becouse of transport the car to track.

Current setup:
2years old OEM Cup dampers, Eibach Pro Kit springs, 15's wheels with Yokohama AD08R, refurbished OEM front arm bushes, black powerflex steering bushes, purple rear beam bushes and lower engine mount, solid top engine and transmision mounts, standard dampers top mounts. Rear camber (-2,5°) and toe (-0,1°) shims, front camber bolts (around -2° camber), little toe out. DS2500, air duct for brakes, catback, engine mods etc., so suspension is the next.

What do you recommend me?

Dont know if just buy stiffer springs, eg. Cooksports/Sportlines or buy Cooksports/Sportlines + Koni Yellow, or B14 coilovers. Budget around 800pounds.

Thx. for advice.


ClioSport Club Member
Coilovers if it’s track only. You won’t see any improvement in body roll with cooksports (look at my avatar). Try save a bit more and get the BC Coilovers, pretty well rated on here and well priced.
Better to buy BR or DS/DR? From what I have read, DS/DR looks better adjustable for almost same price. Can you recommend me where to buy them (maybe somebody has better prices)? Unfortunately Iam from Czech republic, we don't have official local dealer, so need international shipping.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
B14’s are way too soft for track.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re amazing in the road, the best I’ve had, but no good for track only.


ClioSport Club Member
B14's are fine for track.

Especially if only doing a few track days a year, with normal road use.

They wouldn't cut it for a dedicated track build though.

If that's the case buy the most expensive set of KW/AST's you can find, and never bother adjusting them... At least you can brag about your 'race setup'

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