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182 clio

  1. L

    Genuine Renault Service Tool Needed Kent

    So, I have taken the time that this COVID virus given me to complete a number tasks that are overdue on my little 182 clio. Cambelt included. Whilst doing the job have realised that the amount of room between the chassis and the engine is tiny and after a little think to myself I decided to...
  2. FPummell

    182 Full Custom Roll Cage Design

    Hello All, Nearly completed stripping a 182 to turn it into a track car so been discussing what to do with the roll cage. So would be great to hear peoples thoughts and ideas to make a better roll cage. Ideally would want to have a Custom Cages multipoint weld in cage (like below) but without...
  3. D


    Has any one used apex lowering springs on a 182? Are you better sticking to standard cup springs?
  4. D

    New 182 owner

    Yesterday me and @Lokkdogg went to pick up my first ever Renault. Clio 182 in racing blue. Needs a few bits and pieces doing to it so hopefully ill be able to get some help from you guys!