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182 cup

  1. LostInSpace

    LostInSpace's RB 182 Cup

    I’ve owned the car since December 2018. After returning a company lease car, I wanted something fun for occasional commuting and weekends. Decided I wanted a Cup and found this very original RB Cup from @Mbeau just before Christmas 2018 with 76k miles. Only non-standard items were a Scorpion...
  2. Big_Steve_T

    Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

    I've been into my small fast Renault's for ages now but still can't really explain why...? ? My first (and what started the love) was my first Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider 1990's: That was my Mum's brand new Valver back in the day...! The Raider 5GTT Turbo model was the closest it could come to...
  3. Ferds

    Bought a 182 Cup, trackday already booked

    Alright Guys, Never posted on here but visit a lot, sold my mk.2 dci65 that was on its way out after spending a small fortune fixing and modding it. Had to scratch the itch of a sport. Ended up going for a BG 182 cup. What can people tell me about the car? REG AU05 YJB. I'll be posting...
  4. J

    2005 Clio cup gear box

    Hello, I have a clio cup 2005 Am I correct is saying that I need a jc5 130 box?? Also will the jc5 089 and jc5 129 also fit?? Does anyone have any for sale?? Desperate to find the correct part. Thanks, very much appreciated!
  5. dynodan

    Little blue... Clio 182 AB

    So a fortnight ago I brought my first Clio 182. This is the story of Little Blue. Before I get too in-depth as to the car, a little bit about me... I'm a freelance calibration engineer [engine tuner] - I've done lots of different roles within motorsport but my real talent is in making engine's...