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  1. A

    Fitting megane iv rs gearbox into clio iv rs

    Would it be difficult to program it on the stock ecu?
  2. S

    Clio 200 edc rear roof spoiler

    Guys, My rear roof spoiler flew off at 120km/h and i need a replacement. Does anyone know where i can get such a part ? Pic included
  3. .Joe

    Finally back in a Clio

    Hi guys, Been a while since I've been on here, I've spent the past couple of years running Meganes with the most recent being a 265 cup in Titanium Grey by Joe Walker, on Flickr I Finally decided to make the move back to owning a Clio again after spotting a well specced one at my local...
  4. Ben NBR Cup

    My 182 Track Car Project

    I am new to the clio world but this is my 182 track car project. It will be a slow process but i will keep this updated as and when i change parts. I hope you like it :)