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3rd breaklight

  1. F

    Clio 172/182 cup spoiler upper/3rd brake light replacement guide

    I am gonna try and make this as complete as possible, if you have any questions, i'll answer. So... Your 3rd brake light failed on your cup spoiler. Great you're in for a treat. Alright, first off you need to source a new one, which can be expensive as they go for about 90€ (i'm french sry idk...
  2. estiaeye

    3rd Breaklight Cup Spoiler Clio 172

    Hello Folks Im in urgent need of a 3rd Breaklight for the Cup Spoiler for a 172. I was able to order a Cup spoiler through CM Composites. Super happy with their service. There is just a small issue.. I dont have a 3rd Breaklight for it. Renault does not Produce them anymore / Its not...