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active subwoofer

  1. AndyPembs182

    Power for Alpine sub woofer

    I’m fitting an Alpine underwear sub in my 182 this weekend. Any suggestion about where to pick up power from?
  2. A

    Buying new head unit

    Hi I’m wanting to buy a new head unit so I can fit a sub in my clio mk2 2007 , I understand that to fit a new head unit in there needs to be some kind of connector to the old wires , do I need to but that seperately or does that come standard with a new head unit ? Also what is a decent head...
  3. R

    Amplifier power cable guage

    I'm in need of some help figuring out what gauge cable i'm going to need to power the amplifier i intend to buy. I was looking at this one because its the right price range for me. I also have a active sub box already installed using 8 awg cable. I don't know whether to run another cable from...
  4. Tycho Van Malderghem

    active subwoofer fusebox

    hey all, i was looking to hook a sub to the fuse-box and i found a website with the fuse layout the wire of the sub has a 10A fuse on it can i connect it to the sunroof fuse??? i don't have a sunroof so that is not used...