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Amplifier power cable guage

  Clio 2.0 138hp
I'm in need of some help figuring out what gauge cable i'm going to need to power the amplifier i intend to buy.
I was looking at this one because its the right price range for me.
I also have a active sub box already installed using 8 awg cable.

I don't know whether to run another cable from the battery to the amp in 8 awg or to use a distributor and run one 4 awg cable to the distributor and then 2 seperate cables to the sub and amp
In short i want to know what you would do considering the extra price of 4 awg cable and the extra hassle of routing the new cable through the firewall, its a Mk3 Dci btw so its a bit hard getting the cable through to the cabin if i do choose to run another cable. Its easier to replace the existing as i can use it to pull the new cable through. Someone with some actual brains please help :)
  Clio f1 r27
I would run in a new 4 gauge power cable to run that power amp. Fused before entering the car then you a fused splitter to power the active sub.

Why are you using such a high power amp?
  Clio mk3 1.4
I assume you have woofers with +80rms with that amp. If not i'd be careful with the speakers burning out. But yea, a single 4awg cable will clean things up nicely and then split it into 2 8awg cables.
  Clio 2.0 138hp
Thanks for the replies
I didnt realise it was a very high power amp to be honest. I want a 4 channel amp and it was in my price bracket so i just assumed it would be or average power. I quit man looking and had a proper look and found something much more suitable i think.
You seem to know a bit about audio so what speakers would you recommend for the front, i was thinking about some focals but im undecided which ones.
Any advice ?


ClioSport Club Member
  Ph1 172
I've got focal AS 5" components front and back in my car which I'm very impressed by for the price. I'd highly recommend sound deadening the doors and rear quarter panel if you want to get the most out of them though.

The amp you've spec'd there though I'd say is over kill.. You only want to be looking at around 50watt rms per channel for the speaker listed above at least