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  1. Z

    Steering wheel controls

    Hi all, I've got an aftermarket radio in and was wondering if anyone knows of any products to get the steering wheel controls to work with it? (just nicer instead of taking eyes off road.) The easier to install the better. Cheers
  2. C

    Horn Wiring

    Hi, At the moment I've got two horns, the standard horn and an air horn. They're both on different circuits and different switches. (The original horn on the steering wheel and a dash mounted push button). I want to have both horns operated on the steering wheel horn button. So I was thinking...
  3. S

    Mudflaps for Clio III 3-door

    Hey all! I'm looking to fit some aftermarket mudflaps to my 3-door Mk3 Clio S TCe. Has anyone done this? I've had a really good look under the arches and there doesn't seem to be any obvious places to screw in the flaps? Thanks for any advice here!
  4. R

    172 Best mods

    Hey guys, i live in Australia and have recently purchased a standard 172. What would be the first on the list of mods that dont break the bank... want to increase power and torque and handling . i hear that k-tec are good for tuning softwear and DIY kits... ???? Any guys in Australia thats...