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  1. J

    6.5 inch speakers in front doors

    Hi everyone, I know this has already been talked about on multiple occasions, however all the threads are quite old and just wondered if anyone had any new information or ideas. I’m looking to upgrade my 5.25 inch speakers go 6 or 6.5 inch speakers in my front doors. I know a bunch of people...
  2. SWL16

    Connects2 Steering Wheel Controls + Sony HU = A new problem!

    So after searching half the internet for this particular connects2 box problem I am none the wiser... HeadUnit: MEX-N6001BD Original HU: Update List Connects2: CTRSN005.2 Patch Lead: CTPIONEERLEAD Hi Guys, My connects2 box is installed, renault is displayed and some steering wheel controls...