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Connects2 Steering Wheel Controls + Sony HU = A new problem!


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  Clio 182
So after searching half the internet for this particular connects2 box problem I am none the wiser...

HeadUnit: MEX-N6001BD
Original HU: Update List
Connects2: CTRSN005.2
Hi Guys,

My connects2 box is installed, renault is displayed and some steering wheel controls function:

Volume as expected,
Track up and down (on the roller at the back) is fine.

Then the problems start:

Preset Up = Next Track
Source (Left) = radio switches off
Source (Right) = Next Track

Although I ordered a CTSONYLEAD from with the box they supplied a CTPIONEERLEAD. When I asked for the correct lead they assured me they were identical, which other people online seem to agree with. Thinking that this is maybe where the issue lies...

Any thoughts?

I'm assuming these controls are supposed to work through the connects2 box as they're included on the instruction sheet.


Did anyone else have serious issues installing the connectors? The pins on the connects2 unit were too thick to fit within my clio connectors. I had to go through some serious effort of pulling the pins slightly apart with a pen knife and using one of the connects two leads to slowly work them open to the right thickness. (Literally to the point where I nearly gave up and sent it back - must have been a tolerance issue).
  Clio 182
The pioneer and sony patch leads are the same, my guess would be either a faulty box, or damaged connectors when prising apart

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I'm dubious whether its the connectors, as the ones I had to prise apart were the two black/white CAR => CONNECTS 2 => HU connectors. Not the steering wheel controls (Yellow Connector) which was fine.

Sorry should have specified that.

Though can't say for certain as I don't know what happens inside the black box.


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  Clio 182
I don't seem to be able to edit my previous post - but I've eliminated me causing damage to the connectors. Plugged the old HU back in (using the "hacked at" connections to the car). Steering wheel controls function perfectly.
So looking like the box...
  Clio 172 RS ph1
I got connect2 with pioneer and its all ok, thinking something wrong with the box.

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ClioSport Moderator
Can you test it all before pushing the stereo back into the car. You might find its the headphone patch lead that isnt seated properly, has happened to me.


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  Clio 182
Can you test it all before pushing the stereo back into the car. You might find its the headphone patch lead that isnt seated properly, has happened to me.
Although I'd done this previously, I had a bit more of a play. It turns out you were right, it wasn't quite seated properly as the end of the rubber connector was pushed up ever so slightly by part of the radio. This didn't fix it, but 'improved?' it and now I get the following:

All Modes

Volume OK
Track/Tuner Seek on the rocker as expected in every mode.
The Left Source Button = radio off (but not back on again - have to revert to the HU to do anything)

On Radio

The right Source button = preset up
The Preset button (underneath) = preset down

The right Source button = nothing
The Preset button (underneath) = nothing

The right Source button = beep only
The Preset button (underneath) = beep only

Might this just be my headunits interpretation of the signals? Or is it still likely the box is damaged. Does anyone else have a similar set-up and get the correct source button operation?


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Problem solved! (At least 99%)

If anyone has this problem in future, pop the back off the connects2 box and toggle dim switch 4.

The only "problem" I have now is that while the Left Source button toggles the sources. The Right Source button toggles presets up. I can more than live with that!