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  1. chazza114

    Bilstein B14 Spring Binding at low speeds

    Hi folks, I’m looking for some Bilstein B14 suspension set-up advice! I’ve recently fitted a low mileage second hand set of Bilstein B14’s with K-Tec solid top mounts (also second hand) to my Phase 1. Unfortunately I’m getting a lot of binding (pinging) from the springs at low speed cornering...
  2. V1NNY

    Mk3 brake caliper question

    Stupid question really but I think I have a bad piston as the right front brake binds from time to time and is not easy to spin when jacked up, I have changed the brake hose to no avail. I have seen a replacement calliper but it does not quite match the numbers on mine. Mine is 280 (disc size)...