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  1. balkanac

    Clio 172 ph1 bumper

    Hello. Recently i bought clio 1.6 8V rxe and I love it. It shows 150k kms and overall condition is not so bad. I also have some allu rims on it. I was thinking of having it as a project for winter/next year. Im thinking of ph1 172 look. I wonder if I can install bumper from clio 172 ph1 on my...
  2. A

    What’s size of Clio 197 F1 team stickers

    Hello All, how are u ? I will ask a question. I bought a Clio 197 rs and I live in Turkey. I will made a F1 team stickers but I dont’t know these size. I need 2 door , front and rear bumber sticker size. Could anyone help me about it ? Thx.
  3. ksixx

    Video - Under The Skin of a Clio V6 by SG Motorsport Services

  4. AndyPembs182

    Touch up pens

    Any recommendations for touch up pens? I’ve got a few stone chips that I’d like to tidy up. There seem to be lots on eBay, varying costs, and I wondered if any were better or worse than the others?
  5. A

    Rust rear wheel arch

    Hi all, New here but I was eyeing up a Clio 172 and they guy sent me this picture and said it's a result of a scrape around a few months back. If so I imagine it'll just be surface rust but you never know. Asking price is lower because it needs tyres and oil change plus this issue. Does...
  6. O

    Body kits for 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v 3 door

    I recently just bought a 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v and was wondering if you can just put a bumper,skirts and rear bumper from the gt version on it, also are there any kits out there that complete that type of look? Can’t find anything anywhere about this lovely car!
  7. S

    Clio Mk3 World Series body kit

    Good Evening all, I recently got myself a Clio Mk3 World series and noticed that the front splitter is missing. The previous owner also managed to crack the side skirts. Im wondering if anyone knows where the best place or knows anyone who might have the World series body kit as I would like...
  8. R

    Bodyshop recommendations - Leeds &a surrounding areas

    Right so about a month ago someone knocked my car. I've never had any work done in the past so does anyone know what I'm realistically looking at cost wise? And if so, anyone recommend a bodyshop in the leeds/local to area that do a decent job? Usually I wouldn't be too bothered as...
  9. R

    Anyone know what this is?

    Clio 3 dynamique and I've noticed this loose piece of plastic inside my grill, it's making a lot of noise when I drive. No idea where it's from, it seems to have clips onit. Anyone know what it is?
  10. T

    Anyone know what Clio bumper this is?

    Anyone able to tell me what the bumper is on the Clio in this picture? Thanks in advance