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Rust rear wheel arch

Hi all,

New here but I was eyeing up a Clio 172 and they guy sent me this picture and said it's a result of a scrape around a few months back. If so I imagine it'll just be surface rust but you never know. Asking price is lower because it needs tyres and oil change plus this issue.

Does anyone know how much this would be to fix? Could I sand down, fill, prime and paint and then clear coat it?





ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
To do it properly, will be around £350-500.
that would be a repair of the arch and paint the whole wing and blend in to the door.
a cheap smart repair company could do it for less than £200 but I’m yet to see such a repair A) look good and B) last a long time.

yes you could repair it yourself but unless you’re Experienced doing paintwork you’ll end up making it look a roght


ClioSport Club Member
Exactly what Daniel has said. If you want it gone for good, pay to have it cut out and some new metal welded back in. Otherwise it will just keep coming back. I know this from first hand experience and mistakes :rolleyes:

Either way, it's worth removing the rear door cards treating the inside properly with some bilt hamber deox gel to remove rust and some waxoyl sealant to protect it. There are a few guides on here of products to use
@Daniel @cjgower

Thanks for your quick replies and good info.

I think I'm going to walk away from looking at this car because although it's repairable, I've seen plenty on sale for a little more cash in much better condition. The only reason I was looking here was due to travel rules and was close to my area. I don't mind paying to have it repaired but it calls into question how the car has been taken care of if the owner let it sit like this and get rusty.

Will have to wait a little longer for my first 172 I think :)