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  1. Crayola

    Master Cylinder O-ring

    *Not sport related* Although I think the master cylinder from my dCi may use the same O-ring as a 172 etc. The master cylinder has been leaking on my daily dCi 100 and has now failed its MOT. I have a spare dCi for parts which I've pulled the MC from, however, the O-ring is shagged on that one...
  2. F

    Brake Fluid

    After swapping front wheels to back today I came across a fully fractured rear disc in three places. Decided after doing a rear brake overhaul and the fronts having been done 2 months ago by previous owner, I would fit braided lines and new fluid. Chose my lines (good ridge - as they pressure...
  3. Rystar

    Brake Choice questions?

    Hi Guys, Yet another brake question thread, but times move on and there may be new things since the other threads so thats my justification:tearsofjoy: I've been looking at changing out all my brakes on the 172. I've found some things and just wanted to run them past you guys to hear your...