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Brake Choice questions?


ClioSport Club Member
  2003 Clio 172
Hi Guys,

Yet another brake question thread, but times move on and there may be new things since the other threads so thats my justification:tearsofjoy:

I've been looking at changing out all my brakes on the 172. I've found some things and just wanted to run them past you guys to hear your opinions.

Rear brakes, Genuine Renault (from eBay so this is debatable) pads and discs with bearings and ABS Rings, £97 delivered. In my mind rear brakes are up to much so no need to go overkill with these. ,the alternative choice here would be the cheaper Mintex kit from kam Racing again with bearings, rings and pads.

Front Brakes; I was going to go with Brembo HC Discs and OEM Brembo pads from Kam Racing, just shy of £60 not including shipping.

I Was wondering about going for DS2500 pads, but seeming as though this car will probably never see a track unless its a completely one of occasion, would the Brembo OEM Pads suffice?

Future plans would include some braided hoses (probably HEL, they come in pretty colours and im a sucker for that) and some Dot 5.1 or high performance Dot4 fluid.

I'm also gonna order some spacers for the rear discs, even if they are fitted i'll replace them for peace of mind.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but i wanted to ask in case my master plan is likely to balls up how awesome this car feels 😂


ClioSport Trader
  need BRAKES? PM me
Cheers James

@Ryster I can send you everything you need mate , Brembo HC , Renault discs , Brembo or DS2500 pads , spacers , hub nuts , fluid , brided lines etc etc

The bearings are better quality in the Renault rear discs than the other options, that's were the cost difference is (I can supply pretty much every brake manufacturer including Mintex)

Get in touch and I'll get you sorted