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  1. A

    New front bumper

    Hi all! I only have one short question: Does the Clio 172 or 182 ph2 front bumper fit on my 2003 Clio ph2 1.4 16V (5 doors)? I'm pretty sure it fits but I just want to go for sure before purchasing one. Pictures attached below: The bumper in question: My car :) --> Thank you for...
  2. G

    172 Cup with headlight washer jets?

    I've got a 172 cup and afaik they don't come with headlight washer jets as standard, but on my car it has 1 (1 of them is missing). Does this mean the bumper was replaced with a standard 172 bumper or was there an option from factory for the washer jets (car is late 2003)? Cheers
  3. O

    Clio 172 Ph1 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm desperately looking for a 172 Ph1 front bumper. I own a Clio 172 with (awful) Elia front bumper for quite some time now but this year I was told at MOT that the car has to be fitted with OEM bumper (or at least one looking more "normal") - otherwise it will have to scrapped & used...
  4. M

    Fog lights upgrade on my 65 clio dci

    Hi there. I want to put fog lights and stock switch at my 65 clio, but I'm wondering if it would work just connecting the bumper loom to the plug if there is one, or do I need anything else?? Thanks
  5. Moronm8


    I have a 1.2 campus, its my first car and I've owned her for around a year and a half now. I've had fun 'modifying' her in preparation for the purchase of a 172 (hopefully!) I purchased the campus facelift bumper that I found at a breakers (see example bumper below) but because they never made...
  6. rupes1351

    Renault Clio 197 Front Bumper Rubber Strip - where to buy??

    Hi, I am trying to source the front clio 197 rubber bumper strip but can't find anyone who sells it. Will this be a Renault job?
  7. W

    Renault Clio Mk. 1 (phase 3) bumper conversion

    Currently own a Clio mk1 phase 3 RL Paris, and really not a fan of the grey plastic bumpers on the front and back. Found some bumpers (front and rear) from another Clio online, saying it'll fit 94-98 Clio's. Will it fit? Or is there a huge difference between the two? (ie, mine being a phase 3...
  8. G

    What bumper can I put on my Clio mk3

    So unfortunately managed to put a crack in my front bumper nothing major but i want to change it, I have a standard 2007 MK3 1.4 Clio what bumper can I put on it? (i.e; s, sx, sport etc) Thanks, George
  9. T

    Anyone know what Clio bumper this is?

    Anyone able to tell me what the bumper is on the Clio in this picture? Thanks in advance
  10. T

    Clio mk3 dci gt mods

    Hey, new to using this but had a look before posting so I apologise if you've seen it all before. I have a clio 1.5 dci 106 gt which I've started modifying. I'm now stuck in regards to body kit / bumper alterations as my current didn't survive a fight with a badger :disrelieved: I'm really...
  11. H

    MK3 front bumper

    I know this might sound stupid so bare with me. I have a MK3 Extreme which has a front bumper like this one, on the bottom left of the grill there is a piece of black plastic just underneath the left of the number plate section, on the second photo there is another MK3 without this piece on, is...