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  1. edwarj123

    Removing Cruise Control?

    Hi, Want to change my steering wheel and wondering whether there's any benefit to deleting cruise control, or if it can be done. Is there much to be gained (weight loss etc) and what is involved in removing it? If not much should I just try and source a custom back plate with the buttons on? Thanks
  2. James363

    Cup racer steering wheel buttons

    Hi, most race cars seem to have plenty of buttons around the steering wheel for controlling various functions, and I want the same on my rally car, but can't find them anywhere. In case my description was completely off, the cup racer here has the exact product I want: If anyone knows where I...
  3. Jack!

    Climate panel button swap

    I've seen people mention that as well as changing the whole unit, you can open the unit up and swap buttons over? How? I need to do this because the panel I bought that is in better shape has massively upped the temperatures so that even on min it blows out hot.