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  1. wiv678

    Rear Brake Issue: Post-wash Brake Performance Worse

    Hi All, I’ve experienced my first issue with my Clio 182 and so here is my first post Background Around three weeks ago, I washed my car and then applied handbrake and left the car to sit (without moving it post-wash) for two weeks. On my return and went to move the car and the rear pads had...
  2. Hoppovr6

    Long brake lever travel after fluid change

    Looking for a bit of advice. I had MLR braided brake hoses fitted all round after the car failed it's MOT due to corrosion on the on the front hoses. The garage advised 3 of the 4 bleed nipples had snapped but we're able to bleed via the hoses. I have only driven a few miles since the work was...