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  1. estiaeye

    Few of my 172 at an airfield in "Buochs"

    The first few sunny days here in switzerland brought us some really beautiful sunsets. Pictures taken with @Tiago-F1 and his liquid yellow 197 F1. :)
  2. mattf4r

    Dusting off the camera (sort of) - Cup content!

    I'm a 'Professional' photographer (aka photography pays my bills) and I used to be mega into shooting cars but it's been about 12 months since I've got stuck in and took any car photos. Real life took over and I shoot other stuff to make a living but just had an urge after cleaning the cup...
  3. W

    Sigma 50-100 f1.8 DC HSM for Canon - £499

    Spotted this over the weekend - amazingly it's not been spotted by the vultures on HUD, from what I can see, but it is a crazy price: Usual price is about £829 and no-one else...
  4. welshname

    Recommendations for a used Canon body

    Afternoon, So I'm after a replacement Canon body. Ideally want to spend about £300 on quite literally just a body, not REALLY interested in the kit lens that would have originally come with it. I did have a 400D but I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never be getting that back. Only...