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Recommendations for a used Canon body


ClioSport Club Member

So I'm after a replacement Canon body. Ideally want to spend about £300 on quite literally just a body, not REALLY interested in the kit lens that would have originally come with it.

I did have a 400D but I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never be getting that back.

Only stipulations are:
  • Live View
  • Larger body size than the 400D
Only one I've looked at so far has been the 7D. So any suggestions?


ClioSport Club Member
My mate just sold a 60d body in good nick for £320 with two spare batteries and a battery grip so should be able to get something to like that for a similar price.
Not sure how much 7's go for. What lenses and other bits do you have? Would it be worth spending the extra £100 and getting a 5d mk2 depending if your lenses will fit.
You can get a used 7D for £300, but will be a high shutter count or a 60D.

Both bigger and a step up from the 400D