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  1. F

    omg guys I don’t think this good

    Hey you guys so I got to cleaning the car this morning and I found this wet spot on the carpet. My car has had water ingress for a while but this is more greasy and has a strong smell to it… not sure tho it doesn’t really smell like coolant. But I’m still thinking it might be the heater core...
  2. C

    Carpet / underlay replacement

    Hi all I had a really bad leak which has now (hopefully) been fixed. The foam underlay in the whole car is absolutely ruined and is just unsavable. I have managed to remove most of it but having some difficulties with the front footwells. I cant seem to get the carpet up , it seems to be...
  3. W

    Which boot carpet?

    For a Clio 182, what is a good carpet to fit the boot? (Just the boot, not a van conversion / rear seats removal). On eBay I've found: