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central locking

  1. C

    Plain Keys

    I recently got a 1.4 clio 2002 reg I have one plain key that does the doors and starts the car and one key blade that again does the same, it's just frustrating having to remember use the lock button on the dash to lock and unlock the boot, I keep seeing about having to program keys for...
  2. S

    Clio central locking issue

    Hi all First time poster and complete novice when it comes to cars other than driving one I'm clueless so please bear with me... I locked my 04 Clio today using the central locking but on the key and there was a terrible grinding noise, which I traced to the boot. Both doors lock fine but the...
  3. Maggy May

    Clio 182 Central locking when locked with key

    I have an issue with my drivers door lock, sometimes it locks and doesn't unlock, and then other times it unlocks but doesn't lock. I have the doorcards off to clean up and grease the mechanism before I replace it but I need confirmation on how the central locking works from the key hole in the...
  4. R

    Central locking issue

    hi, i have an issue with central locking, it works if i use the button on the dash but locking driver side door only locks that door, not passenger or boot? Any ideas?
  5. J

    Central locking , door problem

    when i us me remote key to unlock and lock the doors only the drivers side doors open aswell as the boot but both passenger doors do not