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check engine

  1. tragfx

    Few problems with 1.4L 16v 73kW

    Hi there, I recently bought a Renault Clio 1.4 but since then it's gotten a few problems and I can't seem to diagnose what is. I hope someone here might be of any help. The car sometimes has a check engine light and when checking it with an OBD it says misfire cylinder 3. So I replaced the...
  2. T

    Check engine light stays on after cleaning my throttle body

    Hi all, Earlier today I decided to clean my throttle body on my Clio Campus Sport 1.2 due to slow throttle response. After I cleaned it I reinstalled it and started the car, but forgot to plug the connector back in to the throttle body. After realising this I turned the car off and plugged the...