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  1. JamesBryan

    Wheel/Tyre Suspension Clearance

    Just fitted my camber bolts and had them dialed in to -1.5 deg. I'm now thinking the inside edge of the tyre might be too close to the suspension spring, especially on track under hard cornering. I can just get my fingers in the gap between the two, so say roughly 10mm +/-. Is that enough...
  2. C

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    Hello Can someone please help me confirm a list of what wheels fit on the Pure Motorsport 197/200 Brembo conversion for the 172/182 ? Specifically, can someone please comment on if the 16" +38mm Team Dynamics 1.2s will fit or if a spacer is required So far I have found the following: 16"...