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clio 172 182

  1. A

    Standard air filter hoses

    Hello, Could anyone please tell me what the part numbers are for the standard 172/182 filter hoses? Or perhaps these could be replaced with other Renault models hoses? Please see the photo attached. Thank you.
  2. H

    15x7.5 et35 225/45/15 on a clio 172?

    Howdy all, looking to put some very grippy tyres on my Clio, have been using willtheyfit and it seems it will juuuuust fit, granted my car is lowered a lil, wondering if anyone has any experience with this wheel size and offset on Clio 172/182? Also am hoping to use some konig hypergrams :)...
  3. G

    172 Cup with headlight washer jets?

    I've got a 172 cup and afaik they don't come with headlight washer jets as standard, but on my car it has 1 (1 of them is missing). Does this mean the bumper was replaced with a standard 172 bumper or was there an option from factory for the washer jets (car is late 2003)? Cheers
  4. A

    In need of ecu loom wiring diagram for clio 172 ph1 with cable throttle body

    Hi all. I bought a clio 182 phase 2 that has a cable throttlebody with a changed ecu, which i think is from a clio 172 phase 1. I’m struggling to find a correct loom diagram because my obd port is dead. Currently the loom for the obd data are on pins 56 and 26. Unfortunately, i can’t identify...
  5. H

    KTEC Solid Top Mount Service Intervals

    So I was wondering if anybody knows the service intervals recommended by KTEC for their solid top mounts?
  6. S

    Temp Needle Incorrect

    As you can see the temp needle has fallen below where it should be. Is there an easy fix for this or will I have to purchase a new cluster with similar mileage? Many thanks
  7. alexadams182

    Power steering fluid clio 182

    Hi does anyone know what power steering fluid goes in a clio 182