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clio 182 172

  1. G

    Mk2 rs wheel spacer sizes

    Hi all, just wondering what would be the best size wheel spacers to run on my 182 non cup. The wheels I’ve just bought for it are et50. So if anyones got any advice on what’ll be best to use for looks but also not too aggressive as I don’t fancy destroying my wheel bearings either
  2. Con.SW

    Turbo 182 cut out when idling

    Hi all! I'm currently looking and have been to view a turbo 182. When on the test drive the car seemed to not want to idle when at junctions and unless you revved it slightly it would cut out. Apart from that the car ran spot on. Just wanted to check to see if this is a major issue and if...
  3. kendeba

    182 transmission failure

    Hey fellas. I have a 182 and the car unable to handle gear 2. The linkage seems good, the other gears work fine. The problem came out after I made some speeding like 140mph. My first thought was the transmission fluid level lowness, but everyone else said this failure much worse. I will check...
  4. Jacpac5

    Looking to start racing

    So i just turned 17 in July and passed my test last month. I currently am driving a Clio 1.2 16v Campus and the insurance is already a killer. I was looking at getting a 1*2 and potentially getting it towed but that was so much money and insuring and driving it there was even worse. Just looking...
  5. R

    182 steering problems

    Hey can anyone help me... First of all I get a squeak when I start the engine first time of the day. Usually cold. Then a wee bit before hard lock it will squeak pretty bad I have just done the gearbox and clutch. By dropping the subframe, Now when I'm in say 5th gear accelerate 60-70 then...
  6. alexadams182

    Bent 8 inlet valves after fitting dephaser

    Fitted new dephaser pulley on a clio 182 started it up and bent 8 inlet valves after taking the head off Discovered 8 inlet valves was bent what went wrong all the timing tools fitted every this was timed I'm very confused as I've got to buy 8 valves head gasket and head bolts can't get my...