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ClioSport Club Member
  RB Clio 182
Hi all!

I'm currently looking and have been to view a turbo 182. When on the test drive the car seemed to not want to idle when at junctions and unless you revved it slightly it would cut out.

Apart from that the car ran spot on.

Just wanted to check to see if this is a major issue and if I was to buy it where I would start looking at first? Battery? the map? throttle body build up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



ClioSport Club Member
  TCR'd 172
Who did the conversion?

Personally if it drives like that on a test drive I would be walking away 🤣

Or better still save yourself the cash and hassle and don't buy a clio turbo proper money pits they are!


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
If it's cheap take a punt. Break if you can't fix it.

If they're wanting good money for a car with obvious problems walk away.