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clio 2.0

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    MK1 Clio Rally Car

    Hi just thought I would check if anyone would be interested to purchase my MK1 Clio rally car. I was going to compete in the Javelin trackday sprint series however unable now due to health. Not keen to advertise on Ebay due to the experience I have had in the past. Let me know and I will post...
  2. M

    weird clutch problem

    Hello friends I have a clio rs 172 ph1 and when I bought it I had the original clutch fitted, but as I did a general overhaul I ended up replacing it with one (valeu) but at the end of a track day it started making noise and without any sensitivity, I came back the change there, on the following...
  3. A

    Clio 172 ph1 rs - Wheel and Tire Moditification ( O.Z. Formula 15"4x100 ET35 )

    Hello All, I have a Clio 172 ph1 rs . I wanna change my wheels and i found O.Z. formula. But this wheel's ET value different my original clio rs wheel. Original 15" rs wheel's ET value 45. if i make this modification , Will I have any problems with ET value? by the way new O.Z. wheel's ET value...