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clio 220

  1. Straw182

    MK4 roof rack help

    I have a mk4 220 Trophy and wanted to carry our 2 bikes on the roof. I already have the bars and carriers from a previous car so just need new feet adaptors. Plenty of them around for a mk4 Clio. The manual says upto 80kg load for MK4 Clios, yet the RS specific manual says roof loads are...
  2. J

    Advice for Potential RS 18 F1 buyer

    Hi guys, New to the forum and completely new to RS vehicles... I am looking to get rid of my Audi A3 1.8 TFSI and get something sporty before the Mrs tells me to buy a family sedan in a couple years. I’ve currently got my eyes on a Clio RS 18 F1 Limited Edition, with 15 000km on the clock. I’d...
  3. M

    Goodbye 182, hello 220 Trophy...

    So after near 3 years together it may finally be time to sell my 182 (The second one). Looking at a Clio 220 Trophy as its replacement. Interested in hearing owners opinions. Already got my first question. How can I tell if a car has an RS monitor?