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MK4 roof rack help

  Renault Clio 182
I have a mk4 220 Trophy and wanted to carry our 2 bikes on the roof. I already have the bars and carriers from a previous car so just need new feet adaptors. Plenty of them around for a mk4 Clio.

The manual says upto 80kg load for MK4 Clios, yet the RS specific manual says roof loads are prohibited for any 1.6T MK4 Clios.

Does anyone know the reasoning for this? Are there actually differences between the standard and the RS Clio shells?

Any help would be appreciated, as it'll be up for sale if it turns out I can't carry bikes.

  clio rs mk4
i have genuine roof racks for my mk4 to use with my bike ontop of my rs clio 1.6turbo. ive not seen it say dont use them but im guessing its if you launch it or drive rapid with stuff on the roof it could cause it to come off so renault are covering their own backs. ive had no issues on mine


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
Pretty sure that happened to a chap on the Mk4 owners club
Yes, I think that’s how I know about it! Personally I wouldn’t want to use a roof rack on a car with that type of wrap around fixings.

That said, that person may have used a cheap set of roof bar fixings 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just don’t know.
  clio rs mk4
ive not had any dents from the genuine ones. they have locating studs and feets that are profiled to the shape of the roof so you have to make sure you put them on correctly as you have front and rear due to shape.