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clio cup spoiler

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    Clio cup spoiler on 1.2 info

    After having some issues with my spoiler which have now been fixed there are a few things I had happened that others might find useful. If you are looking at putting a 172 cup spoiler on your 1.2 mk2 first make sure your connectors for the light itself are the same, check this by undoing the...
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    Clio Cup spoiler 3rd light

    Does any know know if the Megane coupe light fits the cup spoiler? My light is bust and it's impossible to find a replacement. The code for the coupe light is 7700838577 Thanks in advance
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    Clio 172 cup spoiler on 1.2 dynamique

    Hello all , does anyone know if a 172 cup spoiler would fit on my 2001 ph2 dynamique? would it be a simple replacement just undoing the torx on the boot? Thanks in advance