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clio dynamique

  1. K

    What rear view mirror will fit?

    So I've had a renault clio 2003 dynamique for a while now and can't seem to find a rearview mirrow I'm 100% will fit. I've got what I think is a sensor pad and has a cap for this so unsure where a rearview mirror will fit?
  2. M

    2003 clio dynamique Electrical issue

    Hi, I have an intermittent electrical issue, the wipers, locks, remote locking, headlights and indicators are not working all of the time, also car won't start if she hasn't been started in a hour or so without turning on the indicators and either waiting or repeatedly turning the key until the...
  3. Barretted

    Does my 1.6 have VVT?

    Hey there guys, simple question here as I'm keen to find out if my 1.6 Clio Dynamique has Variable Valve Timing or not. My engine is the K4M 744 Variant in my Mk2 ('03 plate) 1.6 16V Clio Dynamique, out of the factory with 110BHP (Probably not anymore) & I was wondering if it was the 1.6 that...