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2003 clio dynamique Electrical issue

  2003 Clio Dynamique

I have an intermittent electrical issue, the wipers, locks, remote locking, headlights and indicators are not working all of the time, also car won't start if she hasn't been started in a hour or so without turning on the indicators and either waiting or repeatedly turning the key until the indicators engage at which point she start 9/10 times. occasional chattering/clicking relay on passenger side when the indicators or windows are having issues....have checked all the fuses, haven't checked the relays or UCH yet (can't find a diagram for my model online so waiting for a used Haynes guide i ordered for £3).

It could be the UCH but i think it might be a faulty connection with a relay or into the UCH as if i go over a speed bump she will have the issue for a little while (and if she was having the issue already it will stop for a little while).

After driving for a few miles, the issue will stop altogether (unless as mentioned, i go over a bump or there is a bad pot hole which can't be avoided).

Any help/advice would be great