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clio sport

  1. P

    Clio Sport speedometer

    Hi guys, I have just bought Clio sport ( year 2OOO - ph1) and the speedo does not work - typical problem. However i tried to find the sensor on the gearbox and i am afraid it is not there( or i could not find it), since the gearbox is probably from a newer model - which used the ABS sensor. Is...
  2. H

    Clio RS 200 - Age 21 - Insurance - MakerStudy???

    Hi, So recently I have been calling every insurance company I know and will list the outcomes below. I’m 21 ,3 years driving, 3 years NCB I have had some good quotes but all have issues and I am wanting to know if I should go with one. Green Light - can’t Insure Sky Insurance - £1260 (with...
  3. R


    Hi all, This is my first post after owning a Clio for around a year. I am the owner of a white, 5 door, 61 plate, Renault Clio with 16" alloys (195). After being involved in an accident I am in need of a front bumper as mine is missing the near side corner. If anyone can help in directing me the...
  4. C

    Installing Cruise Control on a 172

    Hi all, I never really thought it was easily done until I took my control panel off and realised I had 2 unused plugs behind it. How hard and what work is involved to install cruise on my car and what do I need? So far I'm aware I need a steering wheel with cruise control buttons, the...
  5. wavo

    Crank Pulley Wobble? AC Noise?

    So It has been pretty smooth sailing with the clio for the past 6 or 7 months but Now have a problem and wondering if anyone could shine some light. I noticed a slight bearing, knocking noise, you wouldn't notice if you went listening for it. Hand a look round the engine and noticed that the...