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  1. 1

    Can’t enter stereo code?!?

    I have just bought the original stereo for my 182 and I am trying to install it I’ve got it all plugged in and ready to go but my screen won’t display anything not code or 0000 how do I sort this? Many thanks
  2. MrBlonde

    P01/01 Code

    So the orange emissions light came on the other day on the dash,can runs fine no probs.First of all by reading up on some threads on here it was pointing towards the post lambda sensor.So I thought I would get it diagnosed before I spent out on some money,so @Sunglasses_Ron kindly let me borrow...
  3. ashyawdip

    Radio code please ?

    Could anybody help me out coding this please ?
  4. B

    Destructive Misfire Code 278???

    New to the forums, picked up my 172 sport the other night and it keeps throwing up an engine management light, plugged it into a diagnostic machine and it came up with destructive misfire code 278, has anybody else had this issue in the past? The code reader says spark/coil issue, on the night i...