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  Clio Sport 172
New to the forums, picked up my 172 sport the other night and it keeps throwing up an engine management light, plugged it into a diagnostic machine and it came up with destructive misfire code 278, has anybody else had this issue in the past? The code reader says spark/coil issue, on the night i bought it i put new spark plugs in and have had the error code and light cleared since then but i started the car this morning and it came straight back up? I have ordered a new coil pack and new HT leads and am hoping this will solve the issue, just wondering if anybody could shed some light on the issue!! Thanks



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup
Not had this issue per se, but as no one's replied I'll tell you what I know from having read it in other threads. The Clio's seem to be relatively susceptible to developing misfires, and most people seem to fix the problem by replacing the coil and or leads and or plugs. I assume you are confident you put the correct plugs in, there is only one type of plug recommended for this engine (NGK something or other, quick google should do it). There seem to be a few other threads on the forum about destructive misfires, it's just as well to try the search thing before you post, although you may well already have done so.
Welcome to the forum btw! You might find membership to be very useful if you plan on keeping your Clio long, costs £12 for the year and you get access to the parts marketplace (worth the £12 on its own) as well as several other benefits and discounts from suppliers. My membership has paid for itself many times over in the months I've had it.