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  1. L99LDO

    Project Clio 1.2

    New to this all... so apologies in advanced if i put anything in the wrong place, no pun intended ;) Looking to colour code the black trim pieces of my Clio, does anyone know what colour it would be? The label has rubbed off. :( Included some pictures to help..
  2. M

    Compomotive MO5 Colour on a 182 BG

    Hi guys, I am looking on refurbishing my alloys and will like to pick a colour for these. Firstly a pic of the car as it stands now: I got the car with the wheels painted as they are now and I think it is anthracite of some kind. The problem for me is that they are too blueish for my liking...
  3. R

    Alloy wheel paint

    Hey guys. To cut a long story short I'm looking to change the colour of my mk3 alloys. Any advice on where to get it done or a rough estimate? Thanks
  4. Kris Armitage

    How do I find out my car colour code?

    Just wanting to know how to find my car colour code as needing need bonnet. Thanks