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cone filter

  1. M

    Conic Air Intake on 2007 Clio Mk3 troubles

    Hello all, new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the correct place for this. I am thinking of fitting a conic air filter on my 2007 Clio Mk3, however, I am confused as to a rubber hose that would normally be connected to the top of the stock intake. If I were to fit a conic air intake...
  2. O

    Upgraded injectors on 1.2tce

    Hello all, I've got a 1.2tce 2007 clio. I have currently got a large cone air filter on the car, and that's all in the terms or performance mods. I would like to get the car 're mapped to produce more power but still be reliable, I've read in alot of places, the remap is quite heavily limited by...