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  Clio 3 1.2 tce
Hello all, I've got a 1.2tce 2007 clio. I have currently got a large cone air filter on the car, and that's all in the terms or performance mods. I would like to get the car 're mapped to produce more power but still be reliable, I've read in alot of places, the remap is quite heavily limited by the size of the fuel Injectors and so people often replace them with 172 injectors. I'm very comfortable fitting the injectors myself however due to me not having a trailer, I can't fit them and drive the car to a dyno. I'm also having a hard time trying to find a dyno and tuner who will remap to these mods. Anyone have any suggestions where to go, I'm in Maidstone Kent so Ktec is over 3 hours away so that's out of the question any help would be great.