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dash light

  1. S

    Anyone with clip near Leicestershire?

    I've purchased a Clio 172 cup. It has bucket seats and an aftermarket wheel. I've got an rstuner but for whatever reason it won't knock off the airbag and serv light. It's coming up with ignition trigger line incoherency faults on rstuner. Any help would be much appreciated, I work in...
  2. Carlos_2017

    Dash bulbs

    Anyone know where/what bulbs are used the light the speedo, clock and heater setting screen? I've got some crappy blue ones in there (already there when I bought it) I just want the original colour back!
  3. H

    Renault Clio MK 2 Air Bag Light Mystery?

    I have owned a Renault Clio Campus Sport MK2 for nearly a year and have had no problems mechanically with, however have had an ongoing problem with the airbag light along with the service light coming up on the dash. It doesn't stay on permanently and sometimes goes a week without actually...
  4. C

    UCH Fault Headlights, Sidelight, Dashlights all going off when driving

    Evening, having some issues with my 2005 182 cup. When driving along my lights keep randomly turning off and on. Relay is clicking under the passanger footwell as they go on and off. This is everything Headlights, Sidelights, Dashlights, Hazard lights! It can be totally random or sometimes on...
  5. Mattty

    Possible battery issue? Crazy dashboard lights, headlights flicking on and off when turning key

    Just bought a stripped out Clio 172 '02 from my mate and having trouble starting it. It starts ok using a booster pack, which is how we got it on and off the transporter, but it wont start on its own. I don't know too much about the electronics side of things so bear with me please. I charged...
  6. j0bj0sh

    high beam dash light on even with no high beam on.. hmm help

    so i have a problem. ever since i changed my high beam to LED bulbs. the high beam indicator is on even if the car is only on main beams with the sidelights on it doesnt come on. only with main beams. when high beams are on the green main beam indicator turns off. ive tryed removing the led...