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UCH Fault Headlights, Sidelight, Dashlights all going off when driving

  Clio 182 Cup FF
Evening, having some issues with my 2005 182 cup.

When driving along my lights keep randomly turning off and on. Relay is clicking under the passanger footwell as they go on and off.
This is everything Headlights, Sidelights, Dashlights, Hazard lights!
It can be totally random or sometimes on bumpy roads/over speed bumps

Just after some advice from people on which of the following it is most likely to be and what routes i can go down to fix/fault find.

-UCH unit
-Bad earth
-Lose connection

Really wanting to get on and get this fixed as its bloody dangerous, ended up in the fast lane of the A1 with no lights in the dark last night!

Many thanks in advance for any help/advice you are able to give.
  Clio 182 Cup FF
Just to give an update I've taken my BCM/UCH unit out tonight to investigate and it is corroded in 2 areas. Took about 10/15 mins to get out. I will be getting a refurbished board reprogrammed to suit my ecu. Will report back! Image of the board attached


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  Clio Sport 182
i had this about 2 weeks ago. turned out the alternator red power cable had corroded but was still touching the nut that used to hold it in place. as the battery slowly drained it would do all of this to me. the thing is it was going on for weeks but never actually let the battery go low enough to die until it did once and i found the problem. i hope yours is your UCH as you've sent it off and paid for it now but just in case give this a look at.
  Clio 182 Cup FF
UCH Fixed the problem dane i have no issues with the wipers etc now although i have now lost my ESP which i believe is also linked to the UCH getting on to the guy who fixed it and will report back.
  Clio Sport 182
good news! where is the UCH module located? i disturbed my abs wiring loom which is right next to the exhaust and that caused me major issues for weeks. it was the connector under the subframe and one (maybe two lambdas) go into it. its prone to corrosion in there. if the UCH is no where near that just ignore me :) if it is its worth a look
  Clio Sport 182
Welcome to the world of Renault! They are brilliant for the 3 weeks a year they work flawlessly haha