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  1. S

    service light and aribag light on due to crash (airbags didnt deploy) help needed!

    hi guys, i had a crash in april this year which didnt delpoy the airbags. however as a result the service light and airbag light both came on. How do i get these lights to go off? i know i can remove the bulbs which i will do if its a simple job and the bulbs arent a pain in the arse to get out...
  2. Mattty

    Possible battery issue? Crazy dashboard lights, headlights flicking on and off when turning key

    Just bought a stripped out Clio 172 '02 from my mate and having trouble starting it. It starts ok using a booster pack, which is how we got it on and off the transporter, but it wont start on its own. I don't know too much about the electronics side of things so bear with me please. I charged...
  3. j0bj0sh

    high beam dash light on even with no high beam on.. hmm help

    so i have a problem. ever since i changed my high beam to LED bulbs. the high beam indicator is on even if the car is only on main beams with the sidelights on it doesnt come on. only with main beams. when high beams are on the green main beam indicator turns off. ive tryed removing the led...