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  1. JackForster26

    My First Car MK3 1.2

    NEWBIE! I figured i would create a thread on my first ever car. I bought a 1.2 Clio MK3 in august 2017 3 days after i passed :grimacing: with 50k miles, unfortunately it is the only thing i can really get insured on for a first timer but here we are. After i passed back in August I decided...
  2. ThatKidSmokey

    Debadging like a noob

    I impulsively debadged my car tonight at -1 with boiling water and tooth floss but now I've messed my clear coat up Hating it. On the bright side I fitted LEDs throughout which look dope.
  3. E

    Need help! Urgent!!!!!!

    The other day I took my front and rear Renault badge off my mk3 Clio to spray them black. It's all worked out but it turns out I've snapped the clips to put the badges back on. Is there anyway I can get them back on? As my car looks stupid