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dephaser pulley cambelt clio 182

  1. Rich Buckley

    182 cambelt and dephaser

    Anyone know of a garage in the CW7 area of Cheshire who does cambelt and dephaser?
  2. wiv678

    Clio 182: How much 'value' does having very recent belt/dephaser change add?

    Hi All, To my title, I know the real 'value' in having the belts changed as per the service schedule is that they don't let go and ruin the engine, but how much monetary value does having the belts done add to the average Clio 182? My scenario is as follows: Scenario 1: Car is 04/05...
  3. Davyboy888

    Polish Renault dephaser pulleys

    There appear to be quite a few genuine Renault dephaser pulleys on eBay sold by sellers in Poland. Before I take the plunge and buy one, has anyone else on here bought one from overseas ? Are they genuinely 'Genuine Renault' ? I haven't seen anything negative about them on eBay, just...