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Clio 182: How much 'value' does having very recent belt/dephaser change add?

Hi All,
To my title, I know the real 'value' in having the belts changed as per the service schedule is that they don't let go and ruin the engine, but how much monetary value does having the belts done add to the average Clio 182?
My scenario is as follows:
  • Scenario 1: Car is 04/05 mechanically sound. around 100k miles, recent no advisory MOT but needs the belts doing in just under a year. What would the market deem a fair price?
  • Scenario 2: Same car but the belts/dephaser has been serviced 6 months/2k miles previously. Fair price for this?


ClioSport Club Member
Real world value isn't as much as having them done yourself, especially to someone who doesn't realise quite how important the job is.